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Tax Return Tips



Below are some tips to follow to make receipt of your tax refund as smooth as possible!

  • Remember to deposit checks or issue electronic tax refunds into your own personal account.
  • Review that the name on the check or ACH deposit matches that of the receiving account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my income tax refund be placed on hold when it is deposited?
In the case of non-US Treasury checks, if available funds cannot be immediately verified the deposit will be placed on a standard hold.

I jointly filed my tax return. Does the joint filer need to be on my account to deposit our tax refund?
If filing jointly; checks / deposits will be made payable to both parties. Deposit these into a joint account that includes both persons.

When depositing a joint filed tax refund into an account named to only 1 person, make sure to bring both parties into the branch for deposit.

I had a name change this year. Does the name on my account have to match the name on the tax refund?
Your name must match on both your tax refund and the account it is posting to. If the names do not properly match it will result in returning an ACH deposit to the IRS or inability to cash or deposit check. Please note that a name change may cause delays in posting a tax refund to your account. Please take every step to update your Central Sunbelt account records in a timely manner.

After filing our joint taxes I realized my spouse was not joint on my account. Can I get them added as to not disrupt receiving our tax return?
You may add a person as joint to your account however both parties will need to come into the branch to re-sign the account contract. Please note that joint members are authorized to access the account. Central Sunbelt cannot restrict access to a joint member and holds no liabilities. Please use your discretion when giving another person access to your account.

I need my routing and share draft ID to receive my tax return through direct ACH deposit. Where can I find these?

ROUTING #265377633

I have further questions about my account or my tax refund.
Please contact Central Sunbelt's Member Services department by dialing 601-649-7181, option 2.

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