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Money Manager

Take financial management to the next level  
Sunbelt Cloud Branch

Whether you're a budgeting pro or looking to become one, Sunbelt Money Manager is the ultimate financial tool for you.  Create, tweak, and track your budget to achieve financial goals!  Link virtually any financial account to manage all accounts in one place with real-time balances and transactions.



 Link to virtually any financial institution

 Auto budget creation based on spending habits

 Set and achieve goals with spending alerts





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Get started today with this Step-By-Step guide!

Step 1

Accessing Money Manager on your Mobile Devices is easy and takes just a few minutes!

To begin, you must first set up Money Manager in a full web browser by logging into the Cloud branch at

Cloud Branch login

Step 2

Once logged into your Cloud Branch account, access Money Manager at the top


cloud branch sunbelt

Step 3

At the top right, click the gear symbol to access settings

money manager



Click 'Mobile Devices' to add / remove your smartphone / tablets, then 'Generate Access Code'

money manager at Sunbelt

Step 4

Open your Money Manager app on your Android or Apple device and enter your limited time access code (code shown below is for example purposes only)

access code for money manager



Learn more using the videos below


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