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Enjoy three new ways to bank


Check out three new ways to bank


A checking account is the primary method to access funds for most Americans.  They provide a safer means to store funds and more convenient access to your money than virtuallyDeposit checks with your phone using the Central Sunbelt mobile banking app and have funds deposit into any of the three checking accounts; Advantage, MyLife, and Cloud Checking any other solution available today.  With convenience as a focal point, Central Sunbelt provides 24 hour access to checking account funds with easy-to-use debit cards, digital wallet payment services, one of the largest ATM networks in the world,  cash and check deposits via ATM, check deposits by phone, and mobile / online banking to monitor it all.  Paired with low fees and the ability to earn interest, Central Sunbelt aims to provide the best viable checking account available to give account holders (whom happen to be owners of the credit union) an optimal financial management tool with the most requested benefits and more.


Being member owned and giving each and every member a voice allows Central Sunbelt to take all needs and wants into account to help better all available products and services.  As with just about everything in life, different people have different needs and one size never fits all.  That's why Central Sunbelt decided to change the checking account lineup to now provide three distinct solutions; Advantage Checking, MyLife Checking, and Cloud Checking.  Whether your goal is to receive the highest paid earnings in dividends (banks call this interest), the utmost financial management and security, or a simple and easy to use mobile account on the go, you can find the right checking account to best fit your goals in life.  Learn more about the three options below:


Advantage Checking

Perfect for high earners and those with high ATM usage

This is the perfect account for those looking for higher earnings and the ability to access virtually any ATM in the world without ever having to pay an ATM fee!  Advantage Checking gives you access to higher earnings; as much as 3.0% APY paid every month and ATM refunds up to $25.  This checking account is free with a few easy qualifications that coincide with 'going green' and using various online services such as e-statements and direct deposit. 

Learn more about Advantage Checking



MyLife Checking

A great tool for monitoring, maintaining, and protecting your credit / identity and included value for monthly savings

This account explores going beyond a traditional checking account and bringing value while building and protecting one's financial wellness.  MyLife Checking delivers brand new protections to monitor and safeguard your credit / identity, protect your cell phone(s), and save money along the way.  Most Americans pay monthly for cellular phone insurance (upwards of $15 per phone) and identity theft prevention services such as Lifelock (upwards of $30 a month).  Being a not-for-profit member owned institution means Central Sunbelt is able to take these same services and deliver them in a much lower cost format than a for-profit company is able (such as Lifelock for example).

There's a lot to say about what MyLife Checking offers so we have a break down of the benefits below using the collapsable menu:


If you're interested in building, maintaining, and protecting your credit, credit score, and identity, this is a must-have benefit.

Rival Identity theft services charge upwards of $20 per month - and that is just for identity theft protection alone!

IDProtect is a premium Identity theft monitoring and resolution service1, that includes credit file monitoring2 and alerts of key changes with Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, ability to request a 3-in-1 report every 90 days or upon receipt of a credit alert, monitoring of over 1,000 data bases and up to $10,000 in identity theft expense reimbursement3, and more. (Registration/activation required.)


     Free Credit Report / Score   

     Identity / Credit Monitoring   

     Identity Theft Reimbursement


Get your credit score with IDProtect at Sunbelt


Cell Phone Protection

We touch our phones an average of 2,617 times a day.  We call them necessities, they go everywhere with us, are extremeley valuable, and .. they break.

Rival cell phone insurance can cost upwards of $10 a month per phone with a deductable three times higher!

Receive up to $300 of replacement or repair cost for damaged or stolen phones.  This protection covers the first three phones listed on your cellular telephone bill. (Cellular telephone bill must be paid through this account)


     Covers up to 3 phones   

     Protects up to $300 per claim   

     Amazingly low replacement deductible


Get your credit score with IDProtect at Sunbelt


Save When You Shop

Whether shopping online, or at local retailers, you can save big!

Cash back programs typically pay 1-3% back, with limitations.  We open the potential for greater savings on your favorite retailers.

Get savings-on-the-go with Mobile Retail and dining discounts from your favorite retail locations.  We make it simple to save with immediate access to mobile coupons.  Easily find locations closest to you, scan barcodes right from your smartphone, and track your 'Favorite Deals"! (Registration/activation required.)


     Online / Local Savings   

     Scan Barcodes to Unlock Savings   

     Store Favorites and Receive Savings Alerts


Get your credit score with IDProtect at Sunbelt


Learn more about MyLife Checking



Cloud Checking

For those who prefer to bank on the go

Whether you're a student, like to travel, or even enjoys to stay and bank at home, Cloud Checking is the perfect way to stay tuned into your account 24/7/365 and make banking fit your unique lifestyle.  Cloud Checking gives you access to all the mobile banking tools and the same vast network of over 60,000 free ATMs with no cost.  Cloud Checking requires no minimum balance to open or maintain and even gives you the ability to earn dividends (banks call this interest)!

Learn more about Cloud Checking



All accounts have no minimum balance to open or maintain, no charge to use your debit card, and the ability to earn interest!  If you're a Central Sunbelt member or anyone looking to get more out of your traditional checking account, let us know and we can help pair you with the best checking account to fit your needs.



get free access to credit report and score with Central Sunbelt's MyLife Checking


Extended network of over 60,000 ATMs available with Sunbelt Check Card using Advantage Checking.  Qualifying for Advantage Checking requires 10+ transactions totaling $100 or more, enrollment to Cloud Documents in the Cloud Branch online, and a minimum of 1 ACH deposit or direct deposit post per calendar month.APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Qualifying required to receive full benefits of Advantage Checking each month. Members who do not meet monthly requirements will receive standard paying dividend rates, be excluded from ATM fee reimbursements, and incur a fee. See fee disclosure for details on fee amount. Rates subject to change at any time. CSFCU is not responsible for the methods merchants use to process transactions. Transactions must post during the calendar month. Please review your account history to verify qualifying transactions.  Cloud Pay users paying 2 bills or more per calendar month avoid a monthly service fee.  See current fee schedule for updated fee amount.  Service charges may apply for particular checking accounts or other associated services.  Qualifying required for membership and select services.  Call for details.

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Sunbelt is changing the way you bank.  As a not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members, the most powerful driving force is your voice