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Enjoy the largest banking network

We're not just another place to bank - or any other credit union for that matter. Sure, we give access to lower cost loans, lower fees, higher earnings, and a bigger network of free ATMs and service branches than even the biggest of banks...

And it's all because of you! Being a member / owner gives you a voice. The power to choose what is important and make this a 'bank' that fits your needs


Sunbelt account owners gain access to an incredibly vast number of free ATMs versus the top 4 banking network providers. In terms of service branches, Sunbelt remains a top-3 contender in terms of locations across the globe.


Sunbelt FCU - voice guided gps navigation to over 60,000 free ATMs and 5,000 service branches across the country - one of the largest ATM networks available - banking - bank - credit union - sunbeltfcu


How and why is this possible you ask? Banks are for-profit institutions, therefore, providing more access to convenient and free services doesn't help their bottom line. Fewer ATMs means more potential ATM fees, and while their ATM networks are still quite staggering, they do not even come close to the convenience when a credit union focuses on putting its account owners first. With Sunbelt, Instead of more ATM fees and profits from 'customers,' account owners gain access to greater convenience and service.


Though small in banking standards, with nine local branches in the Pine Belt and 36,000 account owners, Sunbelt has found a way to compete with even the largest banks in the country in the scale of their ATMs and branches.


Common misconception would hide the fact that Sunbelt can provide its account owners not only lower fees, lower cost loans and account services, but access to over 60,000 free ATMs and 5,000 service branches across the country. All this paired with the most cutting-edge banking services on the go by mobile device, this modestly-sized credit union is proud to provide account owners access to banking services, regardless where they live or travel - and account owners in over 40 states across the country.




60,000+ Free ATMs & 5,000+ Service Branches


Compare our network to the largest banks across the country


Number of Branches

1. Wells Fargo 5,129Sunbelt Federal Credit Union Shared Branches

2. Sunbelt Federal Credit Union 5,000+

3. JP Morgan Chase 4,999

4. Bank of America 4,241

All service branch research according to April 2021 report located at and Credit Union Co-Op shared branch network


ATM Network

1. Sunbelt Federal Credit Union 60,000+

2. Bank of America 17,000

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co. 16,000

4. Wells Fargo 13,000

All ATM research according to each banks website April 2021


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Sunbelt is changing the way you bank.  As a not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members, the most powerful driving force is your voice