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The largest ATM network is not from a bank!


The largest ATM network is not from a bank!


Many banks, large and small, love to promote convenience with a massive number of branches and ATMs. With assets in the trillions of dollars, ATM Deposittheir voice is often heard and believed; their large bank does provide a superior level of service - being on virtually every corner of America.

When polled, many Americans chose their bank because of this very fact; having a branch close to home or work combined with easy access to ATMs. These large banks do have deep pockets, making this a compelling argument in advertising even though even the most modest-sized credit unions often overshadow one of their main selling points. Many Americans have stated their preference to pay more in fees and services at a traditional bank because credit unions don't offer the convenience of vast numbers of branches or ATMs.

Enter Sunbelt. Though small in banking standards, with nine local branches in the Pine Belt and 36,000 members, Sunbelt has found a way to compete with even the largest banks in the country in the scale of their ATMs and branches.

Common misconception would hide the fact that Sunbelt can provide its members not only lower fees, lower cost loans and account services, but access to over 60,000 free ATMs and 5,000 service branches across the country. All this paired with the most cutting-edge banking services on the go by mobile device, this modestly-sized credit union is proud to provide members access to banking services, regardless where they live or travel - and members in over 40 states across the country.

As a comparison, below is a list of the largest banks in the country in terms of branches / ATM networks and how that compares to Sunbelt

Number of Branches

1. Wells Fargo 5,965

2. JP Morgan Chase 5,276

3. Sunbelt Federal Credit Union 5,000+

4. Bank of America 4,507

5. U.S. Bank 3,151

6. PNC Bank 2,575

7. Branch Banking and Trust Company 2,066

8. Regions Bank 1,491

9. SunTrust Bank 1,288

10. TD Bank 1,257

All service branch research according to March 2018 report located at and Credit Union Co-Op shared branch network

ATM Network

1. Sunbelt Federal Credit Union 60,000+ATMs

2. JPMorgan Chase & Co. 18,623

3. Bank of America 16,062

4. Wells Fargo 12,800

5. PNC Bank 8,996

6. U.S. Bancorp 5,001

7. BMO Harris Bank 4,775

8. BB&T 3,361

9. Citizens Bank / Citigroup Inc. (tied) 3,200

10. Fifth Third Bank 2,650

All ATM research according to Sep 2016 report from

Sunbelt members gain access to an incredibly vast number of free ATMs versus the top 10 banking network providers. In terms of service branches, Sunbelt remains a top-3 contender in terms of locations across the globe.

How and why is this possible you ask? Banks are for-profit institutions, therefore, providing more access to convenient and free services doesn't help their bottom line. Fewer ATMs means more potential ATM fees, and while their ATM networks are still quite staggering, they do not even come close to the convenience when a credit union focuses on putting its members first. With Sunbelt, Instead of more ATM fees and profits from 'customers,' members gain access to greater convenience and service.

If you're not a member of a credit union like Sunbelt, it may be a great time to throw away those old misconceptions and check out what services a modern credit union can provide!



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