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Digital Wallets come to Central Sunbelt


Digital Wallets come to Central Sunbelt


Whether you carry a purse, a wallet, or just a money clip, many Americans struggle with keeping the perfect balance of usability and convenience contained in their 'wallets'.  Have Image subject to copyright. you ever been asked if you wanted to earn extra perks or discounts for joining a loyalty program and said 'no thanks' just knowing that one more card could be the breaking point causing your billfold to burst at the seams?!?  Digital wallets have taken the world by storm in recent years but many only know them as an alternate way to pay (which it can be), but haven't discovered the true benefit of what they can do.

Mobile wallet services, like Samsung Pay, are more than just another way to pay.  You can carry all your debit, credit, gift cards along with membership and loyalty cards and more.  Virtually everything you carry in your physical wallet, sans a writing pen and chapstick, can fit inside.  Storing something in your wallet can be as easy as snapping a photo, having it saved directly to your device in a easy to manage list.  With a digital wallet, you can say goodbye to lugging around dozens of cards and cash, storing it virtually inside your phone - and locked away for the ultimate security. We have summarized a few key points outlining the advantages of using digital wallets below:


Mobile devices use the highest form of security these days, with fingerprint sensors, retina scanners, facial recognition, and more.  This means everything inside your phone is kept secure, including access to all items (and financial accounts) contained inside your wallet.  If a physical wallet or purse is lost or stolen, it's gone forever, including all the cash - but a with a digital wallet, a quick phone call or visit to a website, your contents is kept in tact and any accounts can be locked or recovered.  


Ease of use

As mentioned above, items can be digitally stored as easily as snapping a photo of the card / item.  Paying for goods or services functions effortlessly, with Near Field Communication technology processing the payment by 'swiping' your device near the check out terminal.  Your digital wallets are authorized by each institution, so payments are real-time and encrypted with your billing and personal information kept safe and secured.


Better Organization

Digital wallets store all items in an easy-to-use list that you can scroll through.  No more digging through different compartments to locate a card and no more back pains from a four inch thick wallet in your back pocket!  Whether you're needing to store one debit card and a few loyalty cards, or looking for an easy to use solution containing multiple institution accounts, membership cards, and more; digital wallets provide seamless efficiency and usability with unlimited storage capacity.



Digital Wallets Services now available at Central Sunbelt!

Central Sunbelt is excited to announce the integration of popular digital wallet services such as Samsung Pay, GPay, and Apple Pay.  Add your card today for a faster way to pay and easier method of managing your credit / debit cards, and more!  To get started, simply download your preferred app; Samsung Pay, GPay, or Apple Pay and follow the on-screen instructions to add and activate your card!



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