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Top holiday scams to watch out for


Top holiday scams to watch out for


The below topics are some of the top scams happening now!


  • Gift cards – Before purchasing a gift card in store, check to see if the cards packaging has been tampered with. If the pin is exposed, take it to an employee and pick a different card. Fraudsters will write down the number and pin from the gift card in a store. When they see that card has been purchased, they use up the balance. Gift card scams can also occur electronically through email. If you receive an email offering free gift cards, be sure the email is coming from the company shown. Check to make sure the web address associated with the link belongs to that the company by hovering over the link, but not clicking it. Be sure everything in the email is spelled correctly. The link could take you to a site that asks for your personal information and then sells it. These sites may also download malware to your computer.

Gloved Hand Stealing Wallet

  • Social Media Gift Exchanges – You may see a post instructing you to buy one gift and mail it to a stranger to receive several gifts in exchange. A popular exchange across FaceBook called 'Secret Sister'  is an illegal pyramid scheme and considered gambling by the United Postal Service. It continues to be posted each year and more and more people fall victim to this scam.


  • Traveling – If you are traveling, this can open your account up for possible fraud. Be sure to check for card skimmers before swiping and do not use your pin if you don’t have to.


Take advantage of the Sunbelt Card Manager app to protect your account! Click here for more information and to download the app.

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