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Jones County students take a peek into adulthood at the Reality Fair


Jones County students take a peek into adulthood at the Reality Fair


On January 31st, Sunbelt had an opportunity to work with the Mississippi Credit Union Association in holding a reality fair for students of the Jones County Career and Technical Center. A Reality Fair is like an interactive game of life where students manage their checking account and make important life choices such as housing, cars, utilities and insurance while juggling hobbies and other expenses.



spin the wheel

Students spin the wheel to see what obstacles can be thrown at them throughout their daily lives.       

insurance table

Students decide what level of insurance they will need based on their life choices.   

clothing booth

 Students decide what type of clothing they want and what type actually fits their budget.

credit union table

Students learn how to budget their student loan payments at the Sunbelt table   

gym table

Students subtract a gym membership and sports equipment from their budget.    


The wheel tells students if they are going to have an unexpected expense or come into some money!

utilities table

Students subtract the monthly utilities they have chosen.

If you are interested in hosting a Realty Fair for your school or school district, please reach out to Sunbelt Federal Credit Union.  We would love the opportunity to bring more Realty Fairs to students in our local communities!

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