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Magee Students learn the reality of adulthood


Magee Students learn the reality of adulthood


A Reality Fair is similar to the game of life. Students take a peek into adulthood, needing to manage a checking account, monthly bills and basic expenses while staying in budget.


The juniors and seniors at Magee High School learned to make some of life's tough decisions such as which house to buy, what cell phone plan to get and which vehicle they wanted. Each choice they made came at a price and was another monthly expense they needed to deduct from their budget. Some students were forced to get a different car or house so they did not go over their budget. However, other students chose to get a second job to keep the lifestyle choices they made. This experience can be eye opening and motivating for many as they realize the value of the dollar and the necessity to work monthly payments into a salary based on their own current GPA.


Sunbelt was excited for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful event and appreciates all the parent and community volunteers, Emily Collins [Business teacher of Magee High School], and Cheryl Oggs of the Mississippi Credit Union Association for coming together to make a successful event.



Take a moment to enjoy the slideshow below!


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