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Central Sunbelt - now known as Sunbelt


Central Sunbelt - now known as Sunbelt


The phrase ‘Google it’ is commonplace to virtually everyone but did you know Google used to be called BackRub? Just take a second to imagine if that had never changed. Today, Yahoo! may be a mere figment in comparison to Google, but would it have ever been a household name if it was still called Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web? The same could be asked about Pepsi if it had remained Brad’s Drink. Let’s not even get started on the irony of Amazon’s original name being Relentless.


Sunbelt Federal Credit Union - Today's Better Way to BANK


Occasionally companies decide to change their name and more often than not, there are multiple reasons at play.  Take, for example, Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union, who is now known as Sunbelt Federal Credit Union (or Sunbelt for short).  This is marked as the 3rd name change since it’s original inception as Masonite Employees Federal Credit union in October of 1953.  Both name changes are in a way directly related to new ownership – but not in ways you may think. 


Masonite Employees Federal Credit Union officially became Central Sunbelt on January 1, 1983, due to the expansion of its membership; no longer restricted to only serving employees of Masonite in Laurel Mississippi.  The fact is; Sunbelt is member-owned, meaning that every single person who has an account with as little as five dollars on deposit is a co-owner of this not-for-profit financial institution.  In a way, ownership changes by the day, along with the ever-increasing ease to become an account holder and owner of this credit union.    


Sunbelt is no longer the ‘exclusive club’ it once was, serving employees of one or a few companies.  Getting an account is easier than ever before; meaning more Mississippians can take advantage of unique credit union benefits.  Sunbelt, its staff, the board of directors, and most of all its members have a voice, and they believe that competitive banking services belong in the hands of every person.  These services include checking accounts that pay 3% APY, low rate loans as little as 1.49% APR, and free financial wellness programs.


With a growing number of offices stretching across the state, one could easily argue the word ‘Central’ did not have a true geographic purpose to either Mississippi or the Sunbelt of America.  If it ever did, Sunbelt begs the question of why limit who can join?  Shared Branching gives Sunbelt members access to over 5,500 locations across the USA, which is how Sunbelt can serve members in over 40 states.  With the tenth office opening soon and many more to come, Sunbelt is excited to continue to bring full-service banking services to more places and more people of all walks of life.

Sunbelt FCU


Sunbelt Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution serving members across the state of Mississippi.  This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.  Qualifying is required for membership, financing, and select products and services.  APR = annual percentage rate. APY = annual percentage yield.     


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Sunbelt is changing the way you bank.  As a not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members, the most powerful driving force is your voice