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With your partnership, Sunbelt has the ability to support your organization in a multitude of ways. We can provide no-cost financial wellness, savings and retirement opportunities as well as providing partnership / advertising to your organization.


Benefits to your organization

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Being a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Sunbelt has a huge community-driven focus. We wanted a way to create a shop / bank local program to help grow your business and provide value to our members.

Why partnerships matter

Sunbelt started in 1956 as Masonite Employees Federal Credit Union. Sunbelt used to service just one company and we have now expanded to serve over 300. We believe everyone should be able to access the best financial services available and bank where they choose. By partnering with more local businesses, we can offer our services to more people. Sunbelt offers free financial counseling to our members and we would love to provide that service to everyone who needs it. 

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  • We believe in helping people. We provide Free Financial Counseling to those in your organization.
  • We provide lower cost banking solutions to help improve budgets / take home pay.



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Sunbelt is changing the way you bank.  As a not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members, the most powerful driving force is your voice