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Good to be in Magee!

What is Central Sunbelt?

Want the short version? Click to watch our video below!

Central Sunbelt is like a bank but it's a not-for-profit cooperative, owned by its members (every person with an account).  What does that mean? Being member-owned and not-for-profit means we are focused on our members (like you) , listen to your feedback, and strive to make this the institution to fit your needs.


How does member focus create a better institution?

In a nutshell:

 Lower rate loans

 Lower fees

Higher earnings

A traditional bank earns money to pay profits to a small group of investors whereas a credit union, each and every member (regardless whether they have $5 on deposit or $500,000) gets to earn the same rewards.  Those rewards come in many shapes and sizes such as lower fees, lower rates on loans, higher paying dividends (banks call this interest), and the voice to make this the institution to fit your needs.



What does the Magee branch offer?

Our branch, located at 706 3rd Ave, SW Magee MS 39111 is a full-service branch!  You can open a variety of accounts such as checking, savings, holiday club and apply for loans for virtually anything under the sun.  This location features 24 hour access to deposit taking ATMs and access to MyTeller Plus giving you extended hour banking and personalized service six days a week!


We have two videos below.  One explains more about Central Sunbelt and the other, our My Teller Plus, which has changed the way people bank by offering faster and more convenient service with extended hours and a personal touch! 



Check out our videos below and let us know your thoughts on Central Sunbelt (what matters most to you or what you think about MyTeller Plus) and enter to win a prize gift basket.  You have until November 2nd to enter!

Video 1:  Learn about Central Sunbelt

Video 2:  Learn about My Teller Plus


Being a member / owner gives you a voice.  The power to choose what is important and make this a 'bank' that fits your needs.


 We explain more in our video

Learn about Central Sunbelt

and what matters most to us...

Tell us what matters most to you



Learn about My Teller Plus





 Enter to win this gift basket.. Tell us what matters most to you (or what you think of MyTeller Plus)

central sunbelt gift basket


Gift basket contents:  Central Sunbelt gym bag, Kindle Fire HD8, Rtic tumbler, mug, baseball cap, notebook, planner, beach towel, and more! Total value over $200!


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Central Sunbelt is changing the way you bank.  As a not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members, the most powerful driving force is your voice