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Misplace your card? Turn it off fast!


Misplace your card? Turn it off fast!


If you are like any other average person, you misplace things from time to time. One of these things can cause quite a mess if lost. Losing your debit card can open your bank account up to multiple possibilities for fraudsters.Sunbelt Card Manager App


Sunbelt has created a Card Manager app to make misplacing your card a lot less stressful! Simply click the ‘off’ switch inside the app and your card will be turned off preventing it from any unauthorized use. If you find your card in a secure location, click that same switch to turn your card back on and begin using it again!


It can’t get any better than this, right? Wrong! This is not only good for misplacing your debit card. You can also set custom spending limits, location limits as well as choose allowed transaction types and merchants. You also have the ability to set alerts so you will know right away if something doesn't seem quite right.

Click here to learn more and download the app!

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