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Recovering from the holidays


Recovering from the holidays


If the joys of the holiday season are quickly becoming your financial woes of the New Year, Sunbelt Federal Credit Union would like to offer a few tips to help your holiday memories stay sweet and your new year filled with financial promise.


Consolidate your debts - With our low-rate Debt Consolidation Loanyou can combine your high-interest credit card balances and other loans into one monthly payment that’s more affordable and easier to manage.


Create a debt-free plan -  With Sunbelt Money Manager, you can get an overview of your current financial status and strategize the quickest and most financially effective get-out-of-debt plan to save money and get ahead as quickly as possible.



Automate your savings - Utilizing our recurring transfers service is an easy and effective way to recoup any savings you may have dipped into during the holiday season and to start building a solid fund for the year to come. Simply choose how much and how often you’d like funds transferred to your savings account, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Stop by the Credit Union to learn more about these and other ways Sunbelt can help you start recovering from the holidays today.



If you need some more hands-on advice catered to your specific financial position or needs, try one of our free financial counselors.  You can chat online or talk via phone 6 days a week.


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