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How do I dispute a debit card transaction?

If you notice transactions that are pending on your account, or transactions that have cleared, your account that you did not do or do not recognize you may have been a victim of fraud.


The first thing you should do is contact the merchant and see if they will reverse the transaction or refund the money.


If the merchant is unable to assist you, your next step should be to contact our fraud department at 1-800-808-6402. They can research the transaction and let you know what your next step is. In some cases, they may instruct you to contact the credit union to fill out additional paperwork. You can go into any local branch to fill this form out and have it faxed to the appropriate location. If you are unable to come into a branch, please contact our Account Services department at at 601-649-7181 option 2 (7:30am - 6:00pm M-F and 9am - 1pm Sat) for assistance.

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